The House on Top of the Mountain is a 2D platforming game where Eyra is searching a gigantic house for clues about her lost grandfather.

My largest project to date. My part in this project was designing levels that not only allowed but encouraged platforming as well as creating other exciting moments.
I am particularly happy with how the tutorial turned out.

My role:

Level Design - Shape levels that encourages platforming
Tool creation - Make tools to optimize the pipeline
Scripting - Creating scripts for handling various parts of the game

Other team Members:

3 Design- & Programming students, 4 Grapics students

Project Time:

8 weeks

The ghost leads the way.
1 / 3
The player performinga difficult
jump soon after unlocking
the ability to dash.
2 / 3
A "Playground" for the player to
try out their grappling hook
and parkour skills.
3 / 3
A secret area containing some lore.