A pacman inspired game themed after mythological tales. The player searches for map pieces which put together can lead them to the next level. Just have to remember to rekindle your torch.

My second Unity project in university and third ever, this game was part of a project management course. The goal was to create pacman with a twist, and the idea I came up with was the torch, which makes it difficult to see your surroundings as it fades.

My role:

Level Design - Create interesting designs that keep the essence
of Pacman but fits the theme.
Scripting - Creating scripts for handling the torch and the UI.

Other team Members:

3 Design- & Programming students, 3 graphics students.

Project Time:

4 weeks

Showcase of the pill allowing hostile creatures to be killed,
the torch being rekindled and map pieces picked up.

1 / 4
The third level themed
after norse mythology.
2 / 4
The second level themed
after mayan mythology.
3 / 4
I made a simple museum to
help showcase the work
of our graphics team.
4 / 4
Layout of the final level,
inspired by a classic maze.