Left behind is a horror game in which the player - a sole survivor - explores and tries to escape from a space station plagued by a virus.

As part of a level design course, my objective was to create a level without enemies which still frightens the player. This was achieved by triggering an explosion event halfway through that requires the player to get past a mine dropped by a conveyor belt.

My role:

Level Design - shape the level.
Scripting - Creating various scripts for lighting, events and moving objects.

Other team Members:

1 graphics student.

Project Time:

4 weeks.

Aerial view of the finished level

1 / 4
The chosen layout.
No compromises needed!
2 / 4
First draft. As movement speed in
the game is slow, it was far too big.
3 / 4
Reduction in size to reduce
walking time.
4 / 4
Further reduction of size,
but still not nearly enough.

The process of designing the level.